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Crypto Sports Betting Exchange

Crypto sport betting exchange is a unique cryptocurrency betting exchange. It allows users to bet on everyday sports events in a completely secure and anonymous way. Here users bet against each other instead of the operator, where the exchange acts as the intermediary.

“Back and Lay” form of betting is used where you can either back or lay. If you choose to back, you imply that the outcome will happen and bet against the layers. Laying implies the outcome won’t happen, and you lay your bet. Read the entire article to learn more about cryptocurrency sports betting!

How To Dive Into Sports Betting With Cryptocurrency?

Opposite of what most people believe, sports betting with crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc. is a fairly common practice. Almost all top-notch sports betting crypto bookmakers allow users to gamble using cryptocurrency. Crypto sport betting players deposit and withdraw their money in the form of cryptocurrency. Sports betting crypto sites allow various types of cryptocurrency to be used by players to fund their accounts.

Crypto sport betting has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It’s more convenient and rewarding as compared to traditional forms of gambling. Apart from its other uses, gambling through cryptocurrency has one significant advantage that gives it an edge over conventional currency. Users can use the crypto coin networks to wager anonymously on various sports betting sites. Privacy is one concern most users are cautious about. Since crypto gives users anonymity, it is highly sought after.

Another reason for the rising popularity of cryptocurrency betting is how quick the transactions are. Cryptocurrency allows instant withdrawals and deposits with no time or effort spent in the process. The convenience of betting using crypto is a major inclining factor of users towards sports betting with cryptocurrency.

Sports betting with the cryptocurrency registration process is straightforward. A username is created with the email address and password of the user. You can avail your bonuses using your promo code since most popular betting sites give bonuses when you register for the first time. No other personal information is required for you to start betting. Once you’re all set, enter the world of sport betting crypto and enjoy a fresh new gambling experience!

How Does Blockchain Sports Betting Stack Up Against Centralized Betting?

Recently, blockchain technology has gained tremendous popularity and cemented its way into the sports betting crypto industry. As compared to traditional centralized betting, decentralized betting has many advantages. Blockchain sports betting is far more secure, community-centric, and has massive potential for enormous financial gains.

Blockchain technology is more favoured nowadays than centralized betting because it is based on integrity, visibility, decentralization, and network participant fairness. There is no third-party interference or engagement in blockchain sports betting, which separates it from traditional centralized betting platforms.

Blockchain betting from the lack of third-party engagement becomes cheaper and more attractive for users, thus pulling in new users. The transparent and community-centric model makes it a highly favourable choice compared to centralized betting.

Blockchain sports betting is built using an open source approach and allows users to make decisions and changes in the platform to improve it. The Web 3.0 technology provides all users equal control over the platform compared to one or a few owners in centralized platforms.

Last but not least, the fee of centralized platforms is very high, and users lose a large portion of their winnings to fees. Blockchain technology has zero to less than 1% total fees, which hardly affects a user’s earnings. All the data is stored on the blockchain to provide transparency when you need to account for the data. These features indicate that blockchain technology is the new wave of sports betting and is here to take over!

Become A Top Crypto Bookmaker

What distinguishes a regular bookmaker from a top bookmaker is the features it provides. Here are some of the features a top crypto sports betting exchange provides. If you can locate most of these features in a bookmaker, you should know you are at the right destination for crypto sport betting.

Legitimacy and Security

A legitimate sports betting crypto bookmaker must be licensed by a certified authority and have safety measures in place for the users in case things go wrong. The licensed status combined with the security features of Web 3.0 makes sports betting online free from theft or security breaches. They also display a legit sportsbook that showcases complete transparency.

Various Cryptocurrencies

There are several forms of cryptocurrency in the market, and users must have the opportunity to play with whatever currency they prefer. Top bookmakers support multiple forms of crypto and not just Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some platforms like Dexsport.io have also launched their own token called DESU token to make things simpler.

Low Fees

Users prefer a crypto sports betting bookmaker that charges minimal fees. There are bookmakers like Dexsport.io that charge fees less than 1%, and bookmakers like them are highly sought after. Another reason behind low fees is that no taxes are involved. Hence, most players get to focus on their betting experience due to the negligible fees.s

Frequently Asked Questions

Since you are now aware of sports betting using cryptocurrency and decentralized platforms. Here are some of the most common FAQs that may cross your mind about sports betting using cryptocurrency.

Is it safe to bet on sports with crypto?

Betting on sports with cryptocurrency is highly secure. Cryptocurrency is supported by blockchain technology. The transactions are recorded and can easily be accounted for, but they support anonymity. A user can bet using cryptocurrency without having to use any personal details.

These features make betting with crypto highly secure. About 60% of all daily crypto transactions are made on betting sites. Even though there is no doubt that crypto betting sites are very safe, you must always ensure that the sites you are betting on are reliable and legitimate.

Will I need to pay any fees if I gamble with cryptocurrency?

There are usually no fees while gambling using cryptocurrency. You can complete your deposits and cash out free of cost. However, there might be some fees you will have to pay in the blockchain. There are no fees for converting one form of cryptocurrency into the other.

You may only have to pay some fees when withdrawing from the gambling site. This fee is minimal, so you don’t have to worry about losing money. Cryptocurrency payments are safe, secure and instantaneous so that you can enjoy your gambling experience with no problems!

What are decentralized sports betting?

Decentralized sports betting is the new wave of online gambling. It discards the traditional sports betting model and adopts a new and updated one. It involves the blockchain and is built around an open-source model. These sites do not have a single owner that controls the platform. Web 3.0 sports betting sites are based on the model where all the players involved are a part of the model.

Anyone can work on the model and make any changes to improve it. Players are responsible for creating markets and odds. Participants can choose if they wish to bet against the person who created the market or not. The fees charged by a decentralized platform are very low, which is roughly less than or equal to 1% of the total betting action.

What is the best decentralized sports betting platform?

According to the masses, the best decentralized sports betting platform is Dexsport.io. It’s the first decentralized sports betting platform and is now rigorously working to provide a real gambling experience to the community. The platform employs Web 3.0 technology, allowing you to bet instantly and anonymously after your wallet is connected. With several other features and a smooth and reliable experience, Dexsport.io is the current best decentralized sports betting platform.

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