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There is a lot of cryptocurrencies, most of them offer various solutions. Most of them have one characteristic in common - Blockchain. The most famous and high-priced cryptocurrency is Bitcoin (BTC)​. From the beginning (2009), there are a lot of speculations about creator Satoshi Nakamoto, no one knows who is. Bitcoin revolutionized the way we look at money and investments. Rapid price increase of Bitcoin gave cryptocurrencies as many fans as enemies. But as you probably know, there are more cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin. Another well-known cryptocurrency is Ethereum created in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin. One of the main differences is smart contracts which Ethereum supports, while in Bitcoin it must be implemented. In 2016 Ethereum community has decided to hard fork that cryptocurrency because of various reasons. From that day we got Ethereum (ETH)​ and Ethereum Classic (ETC) ​which works on an old blockchain. Next cryptocurrency that you can find in our offer and supports instant transactions is Dash which was created in 2014 by Evan Duffield. Dash features instant transactions (InstaSend) and private transactions (PrivateSend). Another cryptocurrency which provides private transactions is ZCash​, created in 2016 by ZeroCoin Electric Coin Company. Created in 2017 by Julian Yap - Ubiq, similar to Ethereum supports smart contracts. Unlike Ethereum, but similar to Bitcoin, Ubiq solves mining​ reward problems. The reward is lower after time, but not halved. At the beginning reward for the block was 8 UBQ, right now it is 7. All of those cryptocurrencies you can find in our offer.


If you want to start mining cryptocurrencies with us, first you need to understand how mining works. In simple words, mining is a process of solving cryptographic problem by using computer hardware. At the beginning, miners​ used their GPU, but with difficulty which goes higher after time, they needed more hash power to add another block to the blockchain​. Mining with GPU is still possible, but it has hash power that allows you to mine only new cryptocurrencies. If you want to mine Bitcoin right now , you need special equipment which has a much higher hash rate. This hardware is called ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit). There are few different ways you can mine cryptocurrencies, one of them is mining pool. In simple words, miners merge in a group, fuse their hash power and share reward from a solved block. Every pool has a different way to share price for the solved block. For example, your share is as big as the hash power you have had contribute to the pool. Another way to mine cryptocurrencies is Cloud mining​.

Cloud mining

One of the cheapest and simplest way to mine cryptocurrencies​. In general, it is leasing a hash power from a company which shares profit from mining with you. You can lease hardware from the company or just pay for the amount of hash power from them. Both ways give you a specified amount of cryptocurrency. Every cloud mining​ company gives you different types of mining programs, from cheap ones which gives you a small amount of hash power to expensive ones which let you lease as much hash power as two AntMiners have. Also, you don’t need to think about the cooling system and how much your power bill will cost, we do that for you. Cloud mining gives you pure profit without hidden costs. Another aspect you don’t need to think about, is keeping the hardware in your place. Everything is located in company room’s. You don’t have to maintain hardware, that part is also ensured by the company. Cheaper, quieter and more profitable mining alternative. You can calculate your profit on our page, simply, put amount of money you want to invest and we will choose best investment plan for you.