1. What is the minimum investment in the company?
Minimum you can deposit is $25.
2. What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
Minimum you can withdraw is $50.
3. How to create wallet and address for cryptocurrencies?
Wallets and addresses for cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LSK, BCC, LTC you can set up for example in bitbay.net
4. How can I join to/create an account in Rockwall Investments?
Please follow the instructions in the PDF file below: http://bit.ly/RockwallPdfANG
5. How many accounts can I set up from single IP address? Can I sell my account to someone else?
You can only set 1 account from single IP address. Any attempts to sell an account will result a permanent ban.
6. What is the compulsory compounding percentage? Would it change in the future?
Compulsory compounding is currently set to 55% which splits further to 45% for any in-platform purchases and 5% for Shields purchases. It will be decreased in the future accordingly.
7. How can I purchase BitCoin or any other cryptocurrencies?
BitCoin as well as other cryptocurrencies can be purchased via any cryptocurrency exchange, for example bitbay.net
8. How does inheritance procedure work?
After receiving appropriate documents we will cease the account according to the The Last Will, lawyers or close relative advice.
9. How can I get refund in Rockwall Investments?
We operate on zero refund policy. Exception to this are our INTEGRA Plans where you will be entitled for partial or full deposit refund if plan did not return to you at least 100% of your initial deposit within 250 days. The refund amount will depend of percentage of your deposit already returned to you in the 250th day of contract. The difference between that amount and your initial deposit will be refunded to you. Company reserve the right to refund within 6 calendar months from the end of plan which met the above criteria. The plan will continue to work either to 140% or 145% depending on the plan chosen.
10. How do Mining earnings work in Rockwall Investments?
All the earnings from Mining Plans are credited to user's account every two weeks starting from 04.09.2017.
11. If mining of ETH or any other cryptocurrency will end would it be possible to transfer remaining contract to other cryptocurrency?
Yes, in this case your mining power will be transferred to other cryptocurrency. From the change arranged on our side we will update your account with amended contract and earnings in two weeks time.
12. Are the earnings from mining plans completely mine or company charges any extra fees?
All mining earnings are split between all users according to their active MH/s.
13. I have active Mining Plan for Ethereum. In what currency will I receive earnings?
All the mining earnings are credited to your account according to the cryptocurrency for which you purchased plan for. However there is possibility to exchange that currency to USD in our Internal Exchange to allow USD withdrawal or further investments inside platform.
14. How can I withdraw funds from Rockwall Investments?
In order to withdraw you would need to follow the instructions below: Please click "Account Settings" tab and then move to "Withdraw Funds". Choose the amount by typing it in the field provided, select payment processor, accept Terms and Conditions and click "Send Funds" button. NOTE: REMEMBER TO SET YOUR WALLET ADRESS IN "ACCOUNT SETTINGS" PRIOR TO SENDING WITHDRAWAL REQUEST
15. What payment processors do you accept?
You can currently use the following payment processors in our platform: - BitCoin - Perfect Money - Advanced Cash We are going to introduce more, the most popular processors in the near future.
16. Do you plan to launch more Investment Plans in the future?
In the next months we would like to concentrate on those plans which we already have, but we also have many exceptional ideas to launch in the future.
17. How long do I need to wait for my withdrawal to arrive?
It depends of the method you choose:
- CoinPayments Standard BTC - estimated (approximate) waiting time is around 48 hours and withdrawal should be processed shortly after our confirmation
- CoinPayments Express BTC - estimated (approximate) waiting time is around 24 hours and withdrawal should be processed shortly after our confirmation
18. What are the fees taken from our withdrawals?
It depends of the withdrawal method you choose:
- CoinPayments Standard BTC withdrawals are reduced by 3% or 5$ fee (whichever is higher)
- CoinPayments Express BTC withdrawals are reduced by 8% or 10$ fee (whichever is higher)