About us

Our Company

Rockwall Investments has been officially prelaunched on 25th July 2017. The true story actually began in first quarter of 2017 when two friends - Wiktor and Rafal invented everything on the piece of paper. They have been tired of falling down High Yield Investment and Revenue Sharing programs. However blatant online scammers promising enormous profits and vanishing after stealing people’s money made their anger to reach the limit.

Our Passion

Wiktor and Rafal created something totally different. They both have been working really hard for couple of months to get company up and running - hiring professional programmers as well as solicitors to get everything perfect. A lot of money has been spent and even more time but as an outcome we have now stable, safe and reliable program. True jewel amongst the stones. This is what makes us proud of it.

Our Mission

During past months we created an extensive network of business partners including but not limited to cryptocurrency mines, experienced traders and real estate agents managing some of the most luxurious buildings ever constructed. We would like to deliver the most reliable, profitable platform which would allow you to earn money safely. Altogether we create one big family and we would like to invite you to join us. We understand that you may have some questions and concerns but we have it covered. Do not hesitate to contact us over e-mail, throughout our Facebook FanPage or our Official Facebook Support Group. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and help you decide whether or not you would like to take care of your future.

Our Owners

Rockwall Investments has two owners - Wiktor and Rafal - new technologies passionates, who has been looking to find the right way of earning money together for past 3 years, now progressing in own establishment. Experienced businessmen and marketers. They always now what do they stand on. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts always searching for opportunities. Both looking forward to the future, learning from their previous decisions and mistakes instantly. Their life motto is „Take small spoon ofter rather than big one occasionally”.